KL7RA Enters Spring, 2017 Contest Season

We’re just a week away from ARRL DX CW, and we’ll be participating in three contests in six weeks… All of them will be multi-op efforts. We hope to see you all on the air (six times, but for just 5 seconds eah time)!

We’ve been doing a lot of maintenance and some minor upgrades at the station. As of today we’re very close to where we have been historically in terms of the technical aspects of the station. A few things are different, but we’ve repaired a lot of things that just go wrong with being idle in the weather, or with use. We’re QRV, full power, on six bands, and all of the antennas are up and working!

Here are our plans for February and March:

ARRL DX CW – Multi-Multi.

ARRL DX Phone – Multi-Multi

WPX Phone -Multi-Multi

I hate those damn Beverages!